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Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Services in Tucson AZ

Thrive Seating & Mobility Specialties of Tucson, AZ provides assistance in improving gait and balance as well as recommending most appropriate assistive devices and conducting assessments for optimally configured wheelchairs and seating systems. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Mobility and Balance Assessments

Balance problems make it difficult for people to maintain stable and upright positions when standing, walking, and even sitting. Older people are at a higher risk of having balance problems: 75% of Americans older than 65 years are diagnosed as having “abnormal” balance.

Older women are more likely than older men to develop balance problems, although the difference between the genders is small. Balance problems increase by almost 30% in people aged 80 years or more.

Impaired balance can also be a result of a medical condition such as stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, brain injury and neuropathy.

Thrive SMS can develop individualized physical activity plans to help improve the strength, stability and mobility of people with balance problems.

Wheelchair and Seating

Thrive Seating & Mobility Specialties of Tucson, AZ offers specialized services for individuals who need custom fitting for specialty wheelchairs.

A skilled physical therapist will perform your evaluation to assess needs for custom seating, positioning and mobility. This comprehensive evaluation includes assessment of the current equipment being used, functional status, social history, seating and mobility needs of the patient.

Correct seating and positioning can maximize functional independence, mobility, posture, and breathing as well as protect skin integrity.

We also offer a wheelchair education component to help you adjust to your device as easily and thoroughly as possible.

Pressure Mapping

A pressure map is a computerized clinical tool for assessing pressure distribution.

Pressure injuries are a growing healthcare concern for wheelchair users. Prescribing the right cushion is extremely important for skin protection, comfort and postural control.

According to research conducted by University of Pittsburg, pressure mapping combined with clinical reasoning, can reduce the incidents of pressure injuries by 12 percent. Pressure mapping can be a powerful education tool and helps guide the therapist in making accurate equipment changes.

Thrive SMS is committed to evidence-based practice by offering pressure mapping for optimal outcomes.

Fall Risk Assessment

We will visit your home or living facility and do an in-depth assessment of your fall risk in your environment to help identify potential risks and deal with them.

An estimated 25,500 Americans die from falls in health care and community settings each year and countless more suffer life-altering injuries such as fractures, internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

There are two aspects to consider in completing a falls risk assessment.

One centers on intrinsic factors, or factors that originate within the patient. These can include limited physical activity endurance, muscle weakness, foot problems, etc.

The other focuses on extrinsic factors, or those outside of the patient. These include things like poor lighting, scatter rugs, impediments on stairways, slippery floors, uneven thresholds, etc.

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