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Patient Information

Your First Visit

For your first visit with Thrive Seating & Mobility Specialties of Tucson, AZ, we will meet with you in your own home or living facility.

We will conduct a complete evaluation of your function and mobility, balance, ambulation, range of motion and any limitations that affect your mobility.

We will consider the types of prescribed and over the counter medication you take regularly as well.

We will look at your home environment for safety hazards and make any necessary recommendations for modifications.

Your treatment options will be discussed at this time as well, as well as any need for assistive devices.

If you are currently using a wheelchair, we will do a comprehensive evaluation, assessing your posture and sitting through pressure mapping and give advice if your chair is suitable or if a new one is needed.

In cases where a new wheelchair is warranted, we will hold our second visit at the equipment provider’s location. We will do fittings and take measurements to prescribe your new wheelchair and use pressure mapping to determine the best cushion for you.

Our third visit will be either in your home or at the equipment dealer’s where we will ensure adjustments needed for you are conducted and you are training to make the best use of your new device.

We also provide follow-up and are available for needed continued to support to deal with things like pressure issues or pain.



In an effort to provide you with the best possible personalized service and give you the time your individual case needs, we are not affiliated directly with any insurance providers at this time. However, we ensure that you have detailed receipts for all services and these can be submitted to your provider if you have coverage. All accounts are settled with each visit and we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.




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